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From Startup Creation to Mass Commercialization

From Green Transition to Sustainability

Who we are

FHH Japan, part of FHH Ventures, uses AI-driven Financial Intelligence to support Startup Creation and accelerate Mass Commercialization, from Food, Beauty, Home Decor, Farming, Agriculture, Solar Energy, Mobility to Carbon Neutral and Circular Economy.

We support innovative companies and startups to achieve low carbon, resource efficiency, and socially inclusivity. Our work as a trusted network altogether improves transparency and efficiency in supply chain, minimizes waste, increases product safety, enhance brand reputation and ultimately bring the peace of mind to consumers. We offer our infrastructure and network to facilitate our startups in Asia-Pacific as well as in the U.S. market.

Our services

Financial Intelligence is key factor to create a viable financial solution for a business or startup to commercialize on mass scale. 

Our data-driven financial intelligence solution includes three main components: 

  • Create Minimum Viable Product which aligns with Founder Identity and generates Sales.
  • Create Viable Business Model which optimizes Operational Costs and generates Cashflow.
  • Create Mass Commercialization Approach with Consumer-centric and AI-powered Social Selling.

Contact: for Pricing on one Component or All-in-One Package.

Service 1: Create Minimum Viable Product which aligns with Founder Identity and generates Sales.

We use our in-house AI Analytics tools to identify consumer pain point, analyze collected data, predict upcoming trends, populate possible solutions. Based on the outcomes, we develop minimum viable products with Product-Market Fit for successful launch.

Service 2: Create Business Model which optimizes Operational Cost and generates Cashflow.

Our unique business model include three key components: (i) de-risking process to minimize potential losses; (ii) financing roadmap and dilution management to optimize equity structure and valuation; (iii) decentralized operations and cashflow generation.

Service 3: Create Mass Commercialization with Consumer-centric and AI-powered Social Selling.

Our consumer-facing mass commercialization approach includes three key components: (i) our go-to-market marketing strategies with high sales conversion; (ii) our distribution omni platform with social selling focus; (iii) our cross-border trading house for scaling in new market.

Our projects

Since 2014, our Trading House has supported many clients to commercialize Consumer products cross-border, Japan – Vietnam – USA.

Some highlighted projects, that we have commercialized our own products on mass level, are: 

Consumer-centric & Lifestyle Products

Below are some examples of Lifestyle products with the Theme – From Green Transition to Sustainability, covering from Food, Plant-based Snacks, Home Decor, Waste Reduction and Circular Economy, that we have commercialized via our Trading house and Distribution platform.

Barley Grass
Green Protein
Nama Choco
Robusta Coffee
AOBA Store
Home Decor
Travel & Picnic
Art & Craft

Partner with us?

If you are an Entrepreneur, we look forward to supporting you from Launch to Commercialization and showing your products to the world.

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