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Who we are

Food and medicine are not two different things: they are the front and back of one body.
The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.
- Masanobu Fukuoka, The One-Straw Revolution -

FHH Japan, part of FHH Ventures, is responsible to run two Cohorts in Agri-Tech and Food Tech to create transformative startups in Asia-Pacific, starting from Japan and Vietnam. Our main focus is Green Transition with Solar Energy and Food Tech to achieve Low Carbon, Resource Efficiency, and Socially Inclusivity. 

Our work is part of FHH’s focus in Asia, supporting innovations, improve transparency and efficiency, minimize food waste, increase food safety, enhance brand’s reputation and ultimately bring the peace of mind to Consumers. As a whole, we offer our infrastructure and network to facilitate our Startups in Plant-based Agriculture, Food production, Distribution channels in Asia-Pacific as well as the Local-to-Global expansion with the U.S. market. As the Multiplier, our startups will help increase livelihoods of small-scale farmers and their families, and provide better food for all.

Why we do this?

The Problem

Let us tell Why? 

  • As for Farmers, 63% of world population who work in Agriculture, are living in Poverty. Majority are small-scale farmers, who earn only 6 cents for every $1 they produce. Furthermore, farmers are highly vulnerable to climate change and receive only 1.7% global climate finance.
  • As for Consumers,  there have been increasing concerns about Food Security and Safety – what is in their food, where the ingredients come from, are those food safe enough and healthy enough to our body, will our food choices hugely impact on planetary health?

We need to change that. Hold hands with us to change that. 

The Solution

Let us tell How. 

No one can achieve things alone. We hold hands with Industry Experts and accelerate the Creation of startups who will work as the Multiplier to solve the Problem.

  • Transform food system to provide better and healthier food options for all and in the same time, supporting decent livelihoods for the farmers who grow that food.
  • Increase green financing and provide solar solution as an affordable renewable energy resource to help small-scale farmers build climate resilience, and help them receive climate finance for better and greener livelihoods.

We need to act on that. Let’s act together!

Our program adheres to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Our Program

We act as a Virtual Accelerator to support innovative startups from Ideation stage. We connect-the-dots among our trusted partners in Solar Energy, Green Financing, and Food Tech industry to provide adequate Resources and trusted Networks to commercialize, and accelerate the growth of our startups.

Key benefits

Startup Launch

Venture Generation – We offer our standard Launch process via our affiliated FFI@University program on Group basis. The program will ensure you have a viable Product-Market Fit and Product-Solution Fit to launch your MVP. We also offer alternative acceleration options provided by our selected Training Providers, where suitable.

AI & Technology

AI & Technology – We customize a Startup-Market Fit strategy to accelerate  Technology Transfer via selected Distribution channels. We work with industry experts in Agri Tech, Food Tech, and Commercialization to strategize suitable Distribution channels, so as to bring your startup to Market successfully.

Smart Financing

Smart Financing – We customize a Financing roadmap and fundraising strategies on 1:1 basis to fit with your business model in terms of Equity Structure and and your End-goal in terms of Exit. The Financing strategies are designed in tandem with your Distribution strategies and channels to optimize the acceleration of your Growth.

Module 1: From 0 to 1

We offer our standard 5-step process below via our affiliated FFI@University program. The program will help you to launch your MVP, and accelerate your knowledge of the Agri-Food-Tech sector, so as you could explore suitable opportunities, identify competitive edges, create solutions and build a fundable and scalable venture.

Step 1

Farming challenges: crop prediction, non-chemical cultivation, ingredient supply, track and trace.

Step 2

Solar-powered Farming and Green Finance  solutions for better farmer livelihoods and better food.

Step 3

Food-Bio Processing  challenges, high tech extraction, shelf-life extension, pasteurization.

Step 4

Business Go-to-Market, product and customer analysis,  lean operations, and cashflow management.

Step 5

Technology tools to optimize inventory & distribution, marketing & sales, customer retention.

Module 2 - Commercialization

We design a Commercialization strategy with our Signature 7-step process below to help bring your MVP to the Market. The most important outcome is to accelerate the Technology Transfer and penetrate your products via selected Distribution channels.

  1. Establish Founder-Market Fit with 3P Strategy: Personal Credibility – Perception of the Market – Personal Influence on the Market.
  2. Establish Story-to-Scale with 3S Strategy: Survival – Solution – Scale.
  3. Establish Product-Solution Fit with 3R Strategy: Redesign – Refine – Repeat.
  4. Establish Product-Market Fit with 5P Strategy: Product – Price – Promotion – Place – People.
  5. Establish Growth Strategy with 4C Principles: Clarity – Consistency – Customer – Cost Control.  
  6. Establish Customer Success Strategy: Founder-led Sales & Customer-centric After-Sales in every channel: Marketing, Distribution, Online versus Offline, B2B versus B2C, Local versus Global, Licensing & Franchising.
  7. Establish Continuous Monitoring Strategy: Collect Feedback, Analyze, Perform Testing, Refine and Apply (CAPRA). 

Module 3 - Growth

We customize a Financing roadmap and Fundraising strategies in tandem with Distribution strategies for Growth, which includes but not limited to: 

    1. Understand Exit goal: define and quantify essential criteria to achieve the goal.
    2. Map the Financing Roadmap: Fundraising versus Exit goal, Financing versus Equity Structure, Competitive landscape versus Unfair advantages.
    3. Design Distribution strategies with Revenue targets and different Financing tactics, including Pre-Sales Product-Financing Fit, Inventory-Financing Fit, Revenue-Financing Fit, and Loyalty-Financing Fit.
    4. Design Fundraising strategies with Exit goal with different Financing tactics to effectively manage Equity Dilution.
    5. Arrange suitable Green Financing and Continuous Monitoring to meet the Goal. 

Focused solutions

We place strong focus on those innovative Agri-Food-Tech solutions, such as the following.

  1. New food products are developed based on scientific discoveries and research findings to enhance nutrition and health value, or preventing or reducing human health issues, such as gut health and digestive issues.
  2. Food upcycling is implemented to help reduce food waste, carbon emission, and make our food and agriculture system more sustainable.
  3. Blockchain is used as a tech application to track and trace Food sources and improve the transparency and efficiency of an honest Supply Chain.
  4. Solar is used as an affordable renewable energy resource to help small-scale farmers build climate resilience, and help them receive climate finance for better and greener livelihoods.
  5. Modeling of gut immune system to predict and solve emerging infectious diseases and biodefense challenges, including Covid-19.
  6. Other innovations could be diagnostics, precision nutrition, immunotherapy, to prevent, treat or mitigate diseases.

Agri-Tech: Solar for Farmers

Food Tech: Better Bite for All

Reduce Carbon Emission for a Better Earth...

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